Maxigrau Commitments

We have the luck and privilege to be based in a country member of the European Union, committed to the application of laws in the name of protecting the environment. In addition, Portugal is a country where the system of social protection and workers’ rights is duly ensured. And we are a socially fair and culturally diverse company.

At Maxigrau we have four basic principles by which we govern our activity:

Icon representativo de ecologicamente correcto

Ecologically correct

Icon representativo de economicamente viável

Economically viable

Icon representativo de socialmente justo

Socially fair

Icon representativo de culturalmente diverso

Culturally diverse

Renewable power

Portugal is a member of the European Union, where the social protection system, workers’ rights, and environmental standards are ensured by common legislation.

About 30 to 35% of our energy is produced by photovoltaic solar panels. We are committed to using only energy from renewable sources: even though it implies an increased cost, it is an investment in a better future.


Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is an internationally recognized standard that sets the requisites for organic textiles. GOTS was introduced in 2006 and has shown its practical feasibility, supported by the growth in the consumption of organic fibres, by unifying processing criteria in the textile industry sectors.

We ensure our clients’ confidence from the picking of materials to packaging, including socially responsible manufacturing. Therefore, MAXIGRAUS’s standards encompass the entire manufacturing process.

OCS 100

Organic Content Standard (OCS 100) guarantees the final product contains between 95 and 100% organically grown materials. With this standard, we are able to trace the origin of all materials from production to distribution.

OCS Blended

Guarantees the final product contains between 5 and 100% organically grown materials and allows for certified laboratories to determine the exact quantity of organically grown material in the final product.

At MAXIGRAU our clients can be assured, through third-party verification and evaluation, that the final product complies with all regulations. We commit to sustainability throughout the whole process.


Recycled Claim Standard (RCS) shows MAXIGRAU’s commitment to sustainability and ecological preservation.

This international standard allows for the tracking and approval of recycled raw materials in the value chain.


Global Recycle Standard (GRS) aims to guarantee that at least 20% of the final product contains recycled material. The certifying entity, besides assessing the product’s specific characteristics, also assesses compliance with good work conditions in order to minimize harmful impacts on the environment. Once again, MAXIGRAU shows its commitment to people and the environment.

Waste management

All waste resulting from production is properly packaged and sent to processing or waste treatment companies.

We have eliminated all disposable plastics from our eating habits in order to increase the environmental awareness of our employees.

At Maxigrau we always try and go beyond what’s mandatory by law. Ensuring a good work environment, where the needs of our employees are heard, creating a space of respect and trust.